Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg announce their divorce just before their 19th marriage anniversary


Image Credits – Celebrity Insider

The famous pair confirmed that they are parting ways after years of being together. Jennifer Grey And Clark Gregg File For Divorce Ahead Of Their 19-Year-Wedding Anniversary This Month!

After almost two decades their marriage is coming to an end. Both the actors took to their respective IG accounts and revealed that they have been separated since the beginning of this year.

The statement released by them was quite emotional and read that after 19 years of being together they got separated back in January although they always knew in their hearts that no matter what happens they would always remain a family who loves, cares, and values for one another. It also said that even though they have made the difficult decision to get divorced, but they choose to remain close and are also deeply grateful for the life they have shared and the wonderful daughter they have raised.

Added to this deeply touching statement they also mentioned how they were crying while posting this above statement.

On that note, the former actor pair who is most popular for their roles in Dirty Dancing and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. received a lot of love and support in the comment section both from their fans and close friends like Constance Zimmer.

Jennifer and Clark were reportedly going to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary this month which only makes this whole divorce scenario even sadder.

The alienated pair together has a daughter named Stella who is 18 years old and she belongs to that generation where students are getting graduated from high school amid the pandemic.

That being said, Clark being a proud father had previously marked the special day by posting on his Instagram account.

As it happened that Clark had posted a photo and wrote that he deserves to beam on this moment and addressed Stella Gregg by saying that even though she did not get the senior spring she deserves, but they all know how hard she had worked all this while and also never complained about all the zoom classes and the senior day. Being an emotional father he showed his deep affection towards his daughter by writing that he knows she is deep and wise, and hilarious and that the world will be much better in her hands and concluded the message by expressing his love for her.


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