Daytona Chase: Is Making A Comeback


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California May 5, 2021 ( – Daytona Chase is an on the rise recording artist from Connecticut. He started to dabble into music at the age of 16. At that age, he was constructing his own songs. In 2000 he was introduced to one of the greatest Hip Hop icons, Nas. After hearing the song “Nastradamus” he had a fond admiration for Hip Hop. Ludacris and Nas played a pivotal role in inspiring Daytona to chase his dreams and hone in on his skills and pursue music. He started rapping at the age of 19 and enhanced his skills after learning how to record and understand basic music functions. After being in a high school rap group, he decided he would prefer the solo route.

Although he has always had a musical gift he stopped creating music in 2010 and focused on his life. Years later he has decided to make an amazing comeback. Daytona is an amazing artist who enjoys just creating music. If he had never stumbled across artists such as Nas he might not have actually pursued Hip Hop. Listening to their style and delivery opened his eyes to other genres. This year Daytona is releasing a new single. EP and Album. He wants to grow his fan base and audience reach while also releasing a substantial amount of content. His music is relatable and influenced by his own emotions. He states “ During this journey, I have learned to communicate effectively, produce quality work, and also to prioritize my goals.” He recognizes that in this industry you have to stay on top of yourself and work constructively at all times. Daytona Chase is an amazing role model and recording artist that you should follow.

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