Choose A Press Release Company that Gives Inclusion Like Google News Distribution


Google News Distribution

Press releases are one of the most important marketing kits for every business owner to promote their company and services. PRs are the only thing that offers a variant of ways to gather exposure from around the world, which requires for every company to grow. It is the only form of promotion that offers to acquire publicity from a particular region or locality.
These are not possible without taking help from any PR distribution agencies. The best press release distribution company should have some dignified features to provide exposure to the companies. There are a few things that every entrepreneur should keep in mind before hiring any agency, that are-

Method of Distribution:

There are two types of methods of distributing a press release.

  • Wire distribution
  • Manual distribution

A lot of agency offers wire distribution which is more relevant right now. Wire distribution works online. To be more precise the agency distributes the press release to hundreds of websites. This distribution process is much less time taking and effective. On the other hand, manual distribution sends the press release to some renowned journalists, and after that, they have to pitch the story before it approves the press release. Therefore it is more time taking and from the manual press release, it is difficult to reach more media houses and gather more attention.


Pricing is one of the important factors before choosing any agency. There are innumerable agencies which offer a lot of facilities in a cheaper package than other agencies. So it is better to go through research and evaluate the pricing chart of different agencies. Press release distributions are much cheaper than paid advertisements. But still, it is good to have a concrete idea of the pricing of different agencies, because price management is a major part of a startup.

List of Outlets:

Before choosing a press release company every company should know the coverage the company is providing. For example, Google News Distribution gives a major benefit to the company. Other than this a company should know in which websites and media outlets the press release is getting published. Because a certain group of websites gives exposure from a particular locality. If the location doesn’t suit the company’s profile then it would be worthless to do the promotion. Other than this a company should always check on the guaranteed placements like Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Support System:

An agency should be able to provide customer care service 24/7. Without a strong support team, it becomes difficult for the customers to get connected with the agency. Support can include proofreading and editorial part also. Other than that they should be able to solve every doubt and problem of their client through a chat system.

Search Visibility:

SEO is a benefit of the press release that helps to increase visibility, and it is one of the major requirements for a company. So availing a package, the company should always look for a company that gives service with strong domain authority. Then the possibility of appearing on Google and in front of the target audience will get increased.

Additional Services:

Apart from the major requirements, a PR agency should give additional features according to the company. Now, what can be an additional service? Something like-

  • Customizable and interactive content
  • Add multimedia to the content

These can cost extra charges but an agency should always be able to provide services like these.
If a PR agency can give all these features then there are no worries to avail their service. All these features would lead to vast exposure and growth of the company.


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