C.D. King’s Latest Book ‘Crypto Craze: Bitcoin’ will Give you a Full Insight into Everything Cryptocurrency


The newest trend in the world economy is cryptocurrency. It was something of a taboo a decade ago but now more governments and world business leaders are becoming more acceptable to crypto making it a profitable investment. Still, most people fear investing in it as they do not really know or understand much of it. Well-known author C.D. King has written and published an insightful book, Crypto Craze: Bitcoin’ that gives valuable information on the origin of Bitcoin, how it works, How to see or buy them, crypto investment, and more.

The author clears all the doubts about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the book. She agrees with the fact that investing in something without any time of understanding is not a smart thing to do. That is why she has explained everything about crypto, Bitcoin, and other things associated with it in the easiest way possible in his latest book.

She has broken down how Bitcoin started, what is blockchain, Altcoin, how crypto is different from regular money, crypto regulation, crypto mining, effective investment tips, and more dividing them into several chapters. She talks about the benefits of investing in cryptocurrency and encourages the readers to understand the concept properly before they invest.

The book, ‘Crypto Craze: Bitcoin’ Standard Hard Money of the Future – Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Basics is published on December 20th, 2021, and available on Amazon in Kindle Version. It also has an audiobook version which is narrated by John H. Faskins.

C.D. King tells the readers that it is not the right time to invest in cryptocurrency without understanding the concept properly. She says with better insight on the subject, the investors and interested miners will be able to make massive profits in no time. Buy the book on Amazon and follow him for more upcoming works.

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