Music Promotion Club is Offering a Golden Opportunity to Promote Your SoundCloud Music


Gain an exponential amount of organic exposure with the Music Promotion Club and its music promotion services. With the agency, you can promote your SoundCloud music hassle-free at a nominal pricing system.

SoundCloud is perhaps the most potent musical platform where millions of music artists try to pave their musical careers. However, the constant growth of the music industry and the increasing competition for listeners are making it very difficult for beginners on this platform. No more worries, as Music Promotion Club has come up with top-notch promotional packages based on SoundCloud Music. The agency offers affordable and effective packages for the music artists which does not only help them to gain more exposure but also initiate the process of creating a buzz in the music industry.

promote your SoundCloud music
Promote Your SoundCloud Music

The agency allows you to promote your SoundCloud music by opting for any of the four available packages. There is a SoundCloud Marketing Starter Pack that comes in a handy cost of only $69 and offers various aspects of content marketing, social media buzz, and sponsored promotion to make sure each client gets an ample amount of organic exposure. It offers daily 2 hours of social sharing that does not only invite listeners but followers as well on the social media handles. Other than a paid press release distribution, the artists can get their music on Google News along with a custom banner. Such an amazing package is quite beneficial as a starter pack that allows emerging and independent artists to take an advantage of it.

A similar happens in the case of Soundcloud Marketing Weekly Pack but this time the magnitude of the results will be greater. This package also costs $69 but on a weekly subscription base. However, users can opt fora subscription anytime they want. The Soundcloud Promotion Package costs $120 which is quite nominal considering the benefits provided and service costs in other agencies. Being one of the leading promotional agencies in the market, the Music Promotion Club can promote every music artist and spread their talent across the world with a pocket-friendly pricing system. Not only a paid press release, but the package also offers an option for a Music blog or review submission service that is distributed over several media and music platforms. There are also video creation, email marketing, music reposting, event promotion, and beneficial features that keep going on.

Lastly comes the Soundcloud Promotion Weekly Package which can be considered the premium package offered by this agency. This package also costs $120 on a weekly subscription basis and offers the highest magnitude of the campaign results. It includes daily 4 hours of social sharing to get at least 28K+ plays from the global listeners along with ample likes and reposts. This campaign creates an enormous amount of social buzz that helps to establish impactful brand awareness for the music artists. Keyword-based SEO benefits, video creation, email marketing, event promotion, custom banner generation, etc many other additional features make this package a must purchase for all. All of the aforementioned packages, whether premium or not can help the artist to gain 20% of extra listeners along with an adequate amount of organic exposure. Music Promotion Club is truly being a companion to all the music artists by boosting their musical careers and popularity in the market.

About The Company

Music Promotion Club is well revered for its highly effective and affordable music promotion packages based on SoundCloud. The company is capable of offering organic exposure and a huge listener base to SoundCloud music artists.


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