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Mariah Bailey considers legal recourse against the TNGOP for de facto age discrimination via party bylaws


Mariah Bailey America First Candidate

Former Candidate for Tennessee House Of Representatives, Mariah Bailey, begins seeking legal counsel to potentially pursue the TNGOP for de facto age discrimination via their party bylaws.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Sevierville, Tennessee May 11, 2022 ( – Republican Candidacy – Mariah Bailey – Tennessee House Of Representatives District 12. 

Attention Campaign Supporters in Sevier County, Tennessee. The current updated status of Mariah Bailey’s candidacy for Tennessee House Of Representatives District 12,  is as follows. At 20 years old, Mariah Bailey has been determined to be legally allowed and qualified to run as a candidate for the Tennessee House of Representatives. She meets the Tennessee state age qualification to run for public office in the Tennessee House Of Representatives Primary and will be 21 (The legal age by law to hold the office) before the day of the election.

However, recently it has been determined by the TNGOP that Mariah Bailey cannot meet the TNGOP bylaw of making 3 of 4 past primary votes to run as a Republican Candidate. According to earlier public announcements from the TNGOP Chairman, Mr. Scott Golden, the TNGOP would be offering waivers to candidates that were too young to meet the 3 of 4 past primary vote requirements as a way to ensure that the bylaw requiring Republican Candidates to meet the “has made 3 of 4 past primary votes” would not age discriminate.

In the case of the Mariah Bailey candidacy for Tennessee House of Representatives, the TNGOP has decided against offering a waiver and disqualified her candidacy. It’s important to note that It has been established and verified that Mariah Bailey,

1. Is legally qualified to run for office at age 20.

2. Can NOT possibly meet or provide to the TNGOP a 3 out of 4 primary vote record due to her age. 

3. Was born and raised in Tennessee.

4. Has previously been on the ballot in Sevier County as a Republican Candidate.

Rather than provide a waiver for Mariah Bailey the TNGOP offered an appeal process to resolve the disqualification. They requested that Mariah Bailey gets “Vouch For’s” from the local GOP leaders in Sevier County. Mariah Bailey completed their request and received a unanimous consent “Vouch For’s” from the Sevier County GOP stating that she was a BonafideRepublican. 

The TNGOP did receive the unanimous “Vouch For’s” from the Sevier County GOP and has since decided to deliver a “NO” against the Mariah Bailey Candidacy. The TNGOP has not yet provided any reason or explanation for the “No” vote. The vote was made by 3 individuals. Mr. Scott Golden from Nashville, and 2 Committee members. Mariah Bailey feels that the TNGOP purposely and wrongfully blocked her candidacy because of her “America First” values. Mariah believes the TNGOP did so with the intent to force her candidacy into an automatic appeal process, which then allowed the TNGOP to unilaterally determine the fate of her candidacy and shape the local ballot to their will.

As of today, May 09, 2022, Mariah Bailey has made a request that the TNGOP reconsider their actions against her candidacy for failing to meet a bylaw that would require her to be at least 22 years of age to legally accomplish. She asks the TNGOP to reconsider their decision to use their bylaw as a de facto way to purposely disqualify a legally qualified candidate that is simply too young to meet their 3 of 4 primary votes requirement.

As of today, May 9th, 2022, The Mariah Bailey Campaign has started the process of seeking legal counsel in a potential age discrimination complaint against the TNGOP and their bylaws that require young Republican Candidates to have made 3 of 4 past primary votes to qualify.

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