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Golden Readers Award For the Book “Mind Mastery” by Dr Vinesh Senan Shook the author world


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First time in the history of the Golden Readers award, the readers selected a book from a new author. Why have the readers selected differently? Is it against the present norm of “MIGHT IS RIGHT” in favor of “PEN BEING MIGTHIER THAN THE SWORD”?


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Fontainebleau, Paris Jan 13, 2023 ( –     For the first time in the history of the Golden Readers’ award, the readers have selected a book “Mind Mastery – The secret to Success” from a new author. This has broken all unwritten rules in the publishing world where only big publishers and well-known names with a lot of budgets for advertisement get the awards. Why have the readers selected differently this time? Is it a rebellion against the present norm of ‘Might is Right” in favor of the “Pen being Mightier than the Sword”?

The book is a masterpiece on how to control your mind and live the life of your dreams. It gives you the trade secret to becoming a success through simple mental exercises that can be done by anyone. A must-read for those who want to change their lives

The Author Dr. Vinesh Senan has produced a gem in Mind Mastery- The Secret To Success This book was selected not for being a formal literary work but because simplicity in the language has evoked the reader’s interest. The first chapter describes the scientific basis behind the findings/ facts drawing light into the creation of a genius.

Many of the readers are hoping for a sequel to the present non-fiction book which will explain more facts about the greatest creation of god. Through the eyes of a scientist but using the medium of the simplest language the author explains the phenomenon called mind link.

This self-help book is a must-read for all those who want to find meaning in their lives and achieve what they set their hearts on. The beauty of this great work is that anyone can learn to become successful through a series of mental exercises done regularly that will change your life step by step. The staircase toward achieving your goals is easy to climb. Each step is a path to your ultimate desires.

The author has created the most accurate how-to-do book for your mental achievements. This explains a do-it-yourself technique for achieving your desires in health, career, and relations, developing creative thinking, and becoming a genius through self-motivation and mind control. The connection/mind link with the universe is explained by stories that were told to a  teenager by his guru in his ashram

The teenager learns how to control his mind and develop a sense of connection with the universe that enables him to focus on his goals and live the life of his sweetest dreams. The story ends with a new beginning for the teenager.

The readers really found the book captivating and were really impressed with the agility of the author to indulge in the scientific explanation of the miracle called the mind. They broke from the norms because they could relate to the teenager and feel his sense of pride when he learns the secrets to a successful life

The Author is donating all the proceeds of the sale of this book to a charitable organization in medical research that has created great breakthroughs. The author makes sure that these breakthroughs are available to the public through his book in simple jargon-free language that even a high school kid can understand. The magnanimity of the author is astonishingly revealed in this unique simple work which will be a feather in his cap

Dr. Vinesh Senan is a doctor, researcher, speaker, trainer, and organizer. His practice as a doctor with over 20 years of experience has exposed him to a wide variety of people from different walks of life. He has conducted interviews with many CEO, artists, Film stars, politicians, and leaders. He has studied the old ways of the monks and sanyasis. His Debut in the author world has been through his experience in medical research which has opened new scientific knowledge into how the mind works and about the mind link.

This award was constituted with the idea of bringing great authors like Dr. Vinesh Senan to the limelight .but since the launch of this award only big established names were selected by the readers. This time it has been different and shows that a bold new trend will be set up in the publishing world. Even though this might be poor for public relations of the award it will be a first step for new talented authors who can establish themselves in between the big fishes who control the publishing arena.

The world hopes that this talented author continues to challenge the status quo to make many more masterpieces for the upliftment of the human mind

Any queries on this book can be directed to [email protected] and the book is available for purchase in the Amazon store / Mind Mastery – The Secret To Success

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