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Irish Rebel Prince pressuring status Through his debut album!


King in alliance

Revelation album by Doojzie

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, England Jan 30, 2023 ( – Doojzie aka Owen Mc Grory initially OMG has ousted us with his latest statement that the Irish rebel is pressing for Prince status Through music!

The Prince has finished producing an album incarcerated through the British Monarchs authority reveling the 24th of February!

His label G8 intelligence state the prince is trying to prove is above himself as the lead linguistist in this English language!

The melodies and lyrics are all made from scratch harmonised by Doojzies own labeled psychotic entity!

G8 states it is typically British that a man from Ireland who represents the rebel authenticity would be labeled psychotic for standing up against the patriarchy!

This music slaps!

Doojzie is dropping a pre-order and new music on his YouTube weekly which is proving himself as a true conisour of good music!

We at G8 cannot get enough of this young Prince and the revolution he leads

Hin the next coming Fridays they release one song per week until the debut release so fearlessly!


Revelation cover artRevelation cover artInquisition in UK

Media Contact

Marc Owen Mc Grory

[email protected]


21 Rutland Road

G8 intelligence
New Prince causes havoc in higher society
[email protected]



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