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Teen Author Aims to Make Debut in Young Adult Fiction with Newest Novel


A Picture of Author Taiya Collier

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Austin, Texas Jan 31, 2023 ( – Meet Taiya Collier, an eighteen-year-old author aiming to make an impact in the publishing industry with her upcoming young adult novel, The Breaks Between You and Me. The young adult romance follows 17-year-old Harper Cassidy as she copes with a return to her hometown after sudden tragedy strikes.

The Breaks Between You and Me blends romance and family drama in a captivating way that will leave readers wanting more. With its unique blend of suspense, adventure, and heartfelt emotion, this deeply moving story will pull at your heartstrings while encouraging you to believe in yourself no matter what life throws your way. The book launches February 1st worldwide on Amazon Kindle.

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As a teen author, Collier hopes to craft legitimate stories of the teen experience and prompt young readers to question a large number of middle-aged authors. “The high demographic of older authors prompts the question: Who should be allowed access to be a writer? And how authentic are the stories that these authors write if they aren’t coming from a teen’s perspective?”

Collier hopes to inspire and motivate other teen writers to create work that accurately displays the modern generation of youth. She believes that young writers may feel discouraged by the idea that they can not provide the same high-quality content as the more seasoned writers can. However, Ms. Collier suggests letting go of this stigma and is pushing toward a future where age doesn’t define talent. “I’m not trying to prove that I’m young and talented. I’m trying to show that age doesn’t matter in writing. If you have a story to share, don’t be afraid to let it out.”

If you’re looking for a novel that will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement while taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions, then The Breaks Between Me and You is perfect for you! Be sure to preorder your copy today from Amazon after it hits shelves February 1st!


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