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“Forgotten America-The Untold Adventures of Venezuela” by Giovanni Calvarese


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An adventurous ride and riveting journey of one’s self


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Nov 3, 2022 ( – You and I matter, be kind, as your acts of today will have a great impact on your tomorrow, these are the words of Giovanni Calvarese that he would like to embark to the readers of his epic and full of an adventure novel, Forgotten America- The Untold Adventures of Venezuela. This novel is a story of fiction of Venezuela through the adventures of Carlos and his newly found friend Ezekiel as they travel and try to patch the memories of the past to weave an understanding of the future.

“The novel exposes that we must be here for each other, that our problems are interrelated thus we would be aware of our past, our beliefs, our way of thinking, as this is intertwined with our future”, the author added. We all exist for a purpose, which only time will reveal what is.

Book fans may avail of a copy of Forgotten America-The Untold Adventures of Venezuela at Amazon or at Barnes&Noble.

About the Author

Giovanni Calvarese is a native of Philadelphia, PA, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature from Saint Joseph’s University, and has recently received his EdD from Drexel University, was inspired by his friends and professors to follow his dreams and continue his passion of creating an impact to the community and to create a difference in other people’s lives. During his free time, Gio enjoys making spontaneous trips or he does hiking and running, living his best as an example of having a healthy lifestyle. Gio would like to remind us to be kind to each other and reading Forgotten America-The Untold Adventures of Venezuela will transform our way of thinking for the better.

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