MedProtect Global Supplies LLC Believes The Pandemic Allowed Big Opportunity But Came With Huge Challenges


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, Texas Apr 4, 2023 ( – Even with years of supply chain expertise, Yunati and Pasha Shahid; the owners MedProtect Global Supplies LLC., were unprepared for the risks associated with a broken supply chain. The two are by nature servants, so when the pandemic hit the USA they started sourcing, selling, and donating medical goods to hospitals like Harris Health System. They would deliver products such as IV Bags, Syringes, Cuff Tourniquets, Heel Warmers, Catheters, Gloves and much more. With the filling of thousands of supply orders and the shipment of some products valued at millions of dollars, MedProtect Global Supplies started to have a significant impact on the medical supply chain. The demand was high, supplies were scarce, logistics were a nightmare, not enough trained staff members and there were no advanced CRM systems in place to manage the workflow. This made the company a target for con artists to over promise and never deliver.

Despite their incredible testimonies and popularity, the duo entrepreneurs started experiencing the same issues as the rest of the globe. A handful of orders slipped through the gaps despite thousands of successful delivers. Unfortunately, no company is scam proof. Some customers would send payments for things, and the company would send the funds to the ostensible web sellers, but the product would never arrive. Customers received reimbursements totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars from MedProtect Global Supplies LLC. A couple of disputes the company tried to contest. A beautiful testimony that quickly became a nightmare. Pasha Shahid said, “Maybe we should simply retire early and give up.” After being diagnosed with heart disease, Yunati Shahid was under further stress after being diagnosed with heart failure in late 2020. After spending months in the ICU, Yunati had major heart surgery in 2022 to place an LVAD machine to pump his heart until he can undergo a heart transplant. The entrepreneur couple continued to educate themselves to grow as a team and as business owners even as they struggled to recover from personal issues and professional setbacks.

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Following a year of introspection, comprehensive business training, integrating CRM systems, installing advanced accounting systems, business structure, strategy and lots of prayers, the pair is now advancing to serve the nation and satisfy the needs of even more hospitals. Slow quality growth is better than fast chaotic growth is what they have learned. They have risen from the wreckage!

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