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– Innovative Swedish skin-tech FOREO is investing in educational content to support the creation of brighter future –

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Stockholm, Jun 6, 2023 ( – FOREO has been passionate about education from day one. No company can come up with cutting-edge technologies and break the stereotypes without having a practically desperate need to learn and grow to result in sharing knowledge with their customers and community. We have come a long way from the time of providing customers with the tools and advice to now having an active part in creating new and better surroundings for the entire community. 

That’s exactly where FOREO decided to be at the forefront of changing the (educational) landscape, this time by investing in educational content creators.

As FOREO is always on the lookout for new ways of doing things, it has anticipated that the way people are learning has evolved over time. It is a pleasure to see that the world has adopted new ways of having access to learning and exploring new ways to transfer information and share knowledge. 

No need to mention how influential social media is with an estimated 4.61 billion social media users around the world and it is thrilling to see that social media channels took an active role in educating their audiences. There is nothing more close to FOREO’s heart than an innovative approach to existing matters. While the brand finds education to be a key predisposition for improvement and progress; every single step that it takes in improving the existing state of things such as products, is a step forward. For FOREO any opportunity where customers were not served to their full potential was an actual opportunity for a major breakthrough. That’s how FOREO made it.

FOREO decided to team up with like minded YouTubers who specialised in creating and sharing educational content for the purpose of contributing to the creation of a better world. More curious world. A world that is raising questions and is hungry for knowledge and for finding core understanding for anything.

There are no limits to curiosity and interest, the only idea that is leading the way is understanding knowledge is power. There are no limitations regarding what FOREO is investing in; not just its scope of business as a skin-tech, but anything that is widening one’s horizons, such as science, history, politics, music, etc.

“We’re very aware that customers more than ever demand utter transparency and authenticity from brands. FOREO’s DNA has always been about educating our consumers and community not for the sake of profit, but because it is the right thing to do. In 2023 FOREO tapped once again into something the world sees as a future, but we see the future is already happening as we speak! Educational content creation is the next big thing that will shape the entire space and bold players who are determined to change the world for the better definitely have FOREO’s support. Our missions are overlapping as we want to spread knowledge in an attractive, intriguing, and fun format. Finally, the world is welcoming education in its best form – informal, but highly credible, explains Frank Ravanelli, Head of Affiliate & Content Marketing at FOREO.

There are no longer future concepts; everything is happening right now. Thanks to FOREO’s willingness to explore the unexplored, the company has built a mindset to be an active part of the changes while they are in their early development stage, rather than joining later. The one that has the ability to navigate the world toward meaningful content, has the responsibility to do it.

Content creators who are focused on engaging and unbiased educational content can sign up for the brand’s Educational Ambassador project via the website:  #FOREO4EDU 

To find out more about FOREO, the world’s leading medical skin-tech brand, and to keep up to date with future growth and innovation visit or follow @FOREO.


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About FOREO:

FOREO, the skin tech pioneer, combines cutting-edge technology and innovation to create groundbreaking devices that save both time and money whilst delivering premium skincare and beauty results. LED light therapy, Thermotherapy, Cryotherapy, Microcurrent, and T-Sonic pulsations – these revolutionary technologies no longer belong to the realm of science fiction, but are now a reality. And the latest breakthrough? A full facial treatment that takes only 5 minutes, delivering spa-level results in 3 easy steps. Start with LUNA 4 and its 1-minute facial cleansing, followed by UFO 2 supercharged 2-minute facial to infuse ingredients into the deepest layers of skin, and finish with BEAR, the safest microcurrent device in the world, for that energising facial toning! Welcome to the world of FOREO.

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