Google will disclose its new game-streaming services in GDC 2019


In the GDC, 2019 Google will launch its gaming streaming service which it has been rambling as Project Stream- as well as its ‘Yeti’ game console. Under every prospect, this console will be affordable without any power hardware. However, it is basically a thin client for game streaming. Google has posted a teaser for the keynote, and nothing much is known about it. The company publicizes that it will announce its ‘Vision of the future of gaming’. A live stream has also been broadcasted.

Gaming industry veteran Jade Raymond in a tweet on Tuesday declared that she has joined Google as the Vice President. She didn’t reveal what she would be the vice president of and it would be safe to believe that it’s associated with the game. She has worked with Sony, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft, and maybe best known for leading the production of the first Assassin’s Creed game, apart from founding the Ubisoft Toronto studio.

After posting teasers on various social media channels, Google said that it will soon disclose its ‘Vision of the future of gaming’ on March 19th at GDC 2019 keynote address. It will start at 10am (PDT) or 10:30 PM (IST).  This effective announcement of the forthcoming announcements has changed speculation surrounding Google’s potential entry into the game-streaming market.

Google has declared that it is all set to launch its ‘Project Yeti’ streaming service, console, and a controller for a while, as far back as February last year. Google has since beta tested its ‘Project Stream’ game streaming service- it was monitored in the US in last year October and ended on January 15th.

This service is being tested under another name, it is may be likely that the rumored ‘Project Yeti’ was codename referring to the hardware. Next week at GDC we will come to know its commercial name. Testers even got to hold up a free copy after playing a minimum of one hour, and latency was low to provide a satisfying gaming experience.

‘Project Yeti’ hardware was abstract to be presented in the form which is quite similar to Chromecast dongle. However, this was later revised to give a look of a complete console with a controller. A Google Assistant button came to light for a recent patent filing for a controller design featuring. Google is making preparation to announce its game- streaming services with all the gaming fans all over the world through GDC 2019.


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