Final Upgrade is All Set to Enter Steam Early Access


Image Credits – HappyGamer

Recently, Ivan Pestrikov announced that Final Upgrade is all set to enter Steam Early Access very soon. They had been developing the game for over three years and now it is ready to be tested in the Steam community. Factory Building Sim Final Upgrade Announced For Steam Early Access is big news for all gamers out there.

The launch of Final Upgrade on Steam Early Access was followed by the release of a trailer on YouTube. The trailer depicts the gameplay for about two minutes.

According to the Steam store summary, the loss of countless lives has rendered space inhabitable for organic beings. The player gets to play as an AL or Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer that is designed in a way to control and operate machines in space. The task of the player is to provide the earth with an endless flow of resources. If the gamer starts his strategic game plan with just a single station orbiting the Earth along with a single ship, he or she has to build a massive network that includes transport ships, production stations, improved technologies, mining vessels, battleships and also fight against various mechanical fractions in order to take control of the entire territory.

The large scale game of Final Upgrade includes 100 active locations along with up to 100 space stations that are designed to produce and store merchandise and goods. The trade routes are also guarded in order to protect the goods. Research is also going on across new technologies so that improvements and modification of the space station can be carried forward. All the players can utilize up to 600 spaceships that are designated to work and transport goods, fight in battles, and mine and maintain additional goods.

Players have the ability to create their space ships as per their choice in any shapes and forms. If they are surrounded by enemies, they will have to craft the right shops to emerge victorious in the space battles.

The game Final Upgrade offers to play many strategies that will help them survive in space. If you want more information on the same regarding the game, check out Steam and the game’s official website for more information.

The developers have planned to keep the game for about two years in Early Access. This will also help the developers’ team to collect feedback from the gaming community and if need be, they can also make respective changes within the game. But once the game is out if the Early Access affiliation, the market price of the game will also increase.

As of now, the Steam Early Access game is available only on the platform of Wishlist. However, players can check out their official website and sign-up for a Closed Alpha test. In order to sign up, the player needs to fill out a form with information like full name and email address.

For all those who are already on Early Access, they can discuss the game on platforms like Steam community forum, Discord, and also through occasional in-game surveys. Opinions of all players matter immensely and hence, each feedback is crucial in making the game even better.

They still have not announced a confirmed date for the release, but Final Upgrade is expected to come out around Q2 2020.


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