Valve develops the levels of Dota 2 to adjust the degree of stress


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Valve has been working hard to improve the levels and their variations for the last few days. Yesterday we talked about the few changes they added to their Steam platform so that it becomes absolute hassle-free targeting Remote Play. Recently Valve Updates Dota 2 To Address Issues With Leveling Feeling More Difficult.

Now there is no time to slow down and they are constantly being productive for developing some essential improvements to their flagship MOBA title DOTA 2 that will bring some life-changing qualities.

The DOTA community has faced the real issue with the new upgrades and seemed concerned about leveling feeling more difficult this year after the changes occurred in the Battle Pass system. So the developers of Valve have come with a few alterations to fix this mess.

The increase of difficulty with each level does not have to do anything with skills but simply the arduous task of moving through the Battle Pass levels. As leveling has increased as the game moves forward, the progress becomes really slow. This makes the players impatient and hard to complete the levels and move forward in the game.

Finally, Valve has gone through the feedback posts and said that the community is complaining about the leveling feels harder day by Day. So they have compared the levels from last year to analyze the problem. The battle pass players of all levels have earned 1.95% more free levels than last year that is a better statistics than the average players.

Valve has stated that there is an average of 7.91 % more free levels than they ever had. This explains that the complaints regarding leveling being so difficult is not exactly true. This statistic shows that the levels have been easier than the previous times. But Valve cares about the fans and thus they are planning to give the players what they have wished for.

After pondering on the solutions, Valve has willingly made some changes in response to the fan feedbacks:

Wagering battle point rewards have increased by 50%, Guild contract battle point rewards have been doubled, players can use Sideshop gold for recycling increased by 65%, Sideshop gold for guild contracts and upgrades doubled.

These are the four updates that will bring the change the community wants. They will give extra gold to those players who have earned gold from previous recycles through the sideshop. This will vanish all the disappointments.

Though the fans have found the leveling this year being so hard that they almost give up but Valve shows the data that it has gone way easier than the last year. Perhaps it’s the shambolic presence of stress that surrounded 2020 in its grasp. Almost every player was at home playing this title and that is a good explanation on how they ended up with significantly more players online for the title to find flaws.

But Valve is happy to make those changes for the family and respond to all their queries. Hopefully, the new changes will give new dimensions to the game.


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