Gio’s English Launches New Mobile App in India




Cambridge, UK Head-quartered company, Gio’s English has reiterated their commitment to expanding globally in its pursuit of helping as many people as possible to communicate better in the English language. In a pandemic (covid) ridden global scenario, the mobile app will ensure that students and professionals across can hone their English learning skills, despite the inability to visit educational campuses.


Speaking on the Indian launch of the app “Gio’s app – Cambridge English learning right in your pocket”, Mr Geo Sebastian, Director of the company said – “Gios’s is extremely happy to launch in India, where we believe large sections of the student population strives to attain better English skills, thus making them more employable. Studies have shown that just about 8 to 10% of the graduate population in the country are employable, and English is the biggest stumbling block in their getting to their job/career goals. The unique features of the app, along with its affordability, will be a big driving point of our business model here.”


“What is unique about this app is, there is no similar app that really helps in the spoken and written English skills development part. Gio offers these modules, thus ensuring that there is a huge jump in the confidence level of written and spoken English, of learners who opt in.”


The methodology used in the app itself is very simple, and Gios is rated as the first school in the world to teach grammar in visual form. The courses are designed with the GPE method (world-renowned Cambridge curriculum), with animations to easy learning; Gio’s English speaking course offers 1000’s of real-life situations to practice.


The pricing of the modules in the app, are very affordable from the Indian context, Mr Geo Sebastian added. An Advanced Professional Writing Course is priced at Rs.3300 for each level (three levels in all), likewise, Advanced Speaking Course priced at Rs. 1989 for each level (three levels in all). The OET/IELTS Speaking module is priced at Rs. 1400.


“Gios will endeavour to reach this app and its benefits to every nook and corner of the country, and in the future will look at partnerships and alliances with educational institutes and vocational training centres across the country,” Mr Geo Sebastian said answering a query on their India plans.


English remains one of the most dominating languages globally, with over 400 million native speakers and about 1.6 billion people worldwide who understand or speak the language. However, tons of people still struggle to speak English fluently, making it even more challenging to express themselves. Several available English learning solutions have been developed. However, most of them are not easily accessible, which is where Gio’s English aims to make a difference with the launch of their new app.


 About Gios English

Gio’s English School is a favourite study centre for international students for almost 20 years. Our English courses are recommended by many Employers/Schools in the UK and worldwide. The school offers certificates to students after 70% completion of the courses, which are beneficial to all categories of students and organizations, especially with the inclusion of e-mail writing classes.

Gio’s English App is a Cambridge guide to effective writing and speaking for Advanced English students. This App is going to help you with a Comprehensive study programme and build your dreams. It’s virtually as good as learning English in Cambridge. The app on play store has already gone viral, with over 10,000 downloads during pre-launch.

Gio’s English App is currently available on Google Play for Android. The Cambridge English School also has a relatively strong presence on Facebook with 1200 reviews, 1,00,000 followers, and a viral live video that has over 1.8 million views among Indian students.



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