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With the Track ‘Month of Sundays,’ the Young Rock Artist Mark Duda becomes an Industry Smash


Month of Sundays by Mark Duda

With ‘Month of Sundays,’ the switchblade-sharp heavy metal and hard rock musician Mark Duda welcomes its listeners inside the gothic jungle of his Johnny Thunders-esque presentation.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Bergen, New Jersey Aug 5, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – The beautiful rock vocalist Mark Duda‘s new hard rock track Month of Sundays strikes out as a message. It reflects the journey that his devoted followers may experience on the first spin of the song’s opening thrilling strums of rock guitars. The thunderous jingles and opening hefty chords, performed with spitting passion, will instantly break your nerves. He has successfully instilled fear in the music industry since whatever they touch, they just overwhelm the market with their natural abilities. Most current rock fans have succumbed to his sweat and a beer-soaked firestorm of the fuzz sound. He returns with this incredible record to kick off a new week. It’s a compilation of extremely powerful and energetic metallic chords that essentially block out everything else around you for the duration of your listening session — the amount of escapism is intense. The song’s opening part reveals a dramatic and clearly gloomy side to the concept, which is quickly followed by strangling any notion of calm. The riffs are fast and frantic, the vocal delivery reflects a similar emotion, and the primary guitar melody weaves its way into your consciousness without a second thought. The repetition of the leading hook also helps.

Mark Duda is no stranger to the vast internet music market, but with the provocative hard rock single ‘Month of Sundays’, he is re-establishing his place in the Midwest American music business. His flawless production of strong and booming melodies meshes with the song’s concept of modern rock music. He’s given the public a multi-layered immersion of an alternate anthem. The new song is backed up with concrete songwriting strength and fumed emotion. Within the confines of the single, he has employed a beautiful use of dichotomy. It has a similar weight to the last tune, but there is more space here – the technical harmonies, the murmurs, the development of the vocal beat. This sense of theatre reappears, and there’s a sense of storytelling to the track; there’s a growth that occurs and draws you along as the music progresses, and the intensity is so powerful that everything transfers on to you as the track plays – not to mention a subtle nod to the notorious Joker.

He has received a lot of love and support from his international fan base. His chaotic and dark sound creation has aided in the definition of hard rock sounds in new hues. The noteworthy influence of famous rock icons such as Johnny Thunders, Billy Idol, and Lou Reed is readily discernible. The forthcoming album ‘Bodega Flowers’ will be available on Spotify. Follow the next future artist on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Month of Sundays by Mark DudaMonth of Sundays by Mark DudaMonth of Sundays by Mark DudaMonth of Sundays by Mark Duda

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