Top 10 Free Press Release Distribution Websites in 2022


Various press release distribution websites are working relentlessly to provide businesses and individual content creators to find exposure in the global platform. Get closer to your audience by availing free PR submission service right away. The following are the top 10 free press release distribution websites out there.

Free Press Release Distribution Websites


Avail cost-effective promotional and distribution services with one of the best free press release distribution websites, Issuewire and its dynamic opportunities and built your dream career in an instant. They not only offer customizable service packages but also allow customers to format their PR as per the requirements. At Issuewire, every account sign up entails the free publishing of one PR. If the client proceeds with a release purchase, they also receive a bonus PR post for publishing. If need be, the release can be written with up to four hyperlinks that may include embedded links to respective YouTube or Vimeo videos and five images that will visually and informatively allow potential customers to go more into its intricacies. With ad-free PR distribution and social media marketing, the client will also receive a PDF version of the posted PR for future referencing. The variation of features and services as one goes up the hierarchy of customizable packages help the client to format their requirements into a consolidated one. The free package offers placements through PR distribution across 40+ popular news sites and media channels that open the scopes of further expansion of the business on global scales and acknowledgement.

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Another dynamic press release distribution platform, OpenPR has garnered high response from business owners in respect to their marketing prospects. Their service list and packages pushing press release across media channel and outlets like Google News have helped business owners realize their dreams of global outreach. Get up to one free press release every month along with one image and tell your story to the entire world. The press release write-up does not allow embedded hyperlinks but informative links to respective websites can be included. If the PR abides by their standardized guidelines of the official press code and gets approved by the team at OpenPR, it will be published within 24 hours of submission.

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One of the most flexible press release distribution sites that allow customized services, 1888pressrelease has expanded their scope of client handling and integrated services over the years. Businesses have acquired visibility, awareness and audience based on their implemented promotional services with big returns in terms of measurable exposure. Search engine optimization is their specialized skill set through which they have associated businesses with journalists and media outlets opening the gates to bigger opportunities. The free press release promotion, however, the downsizing aspect of 1888pressrelease does not allow embedded hyperlinks or use of images in their write-up nor do they find their way under the promising spectrum of Google News.

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Impactful and effective, PRLOG distribution service has an integrated network of thousands of websites and affiliations. Although their free press release distribution service inculcates various features, use of images or hyperlinks in the write-up is not permitted though one can mention up to two links within the press release for reference. One also needs to undergo short phone verification for creating their account on PRLOG before going forward with any other process.

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Providing a world an unlimited scope of business and organization integration with various media across the world, Newswiretoday is another dynamic service platform with various customizable packages. Their free press release submission report sometimes takes more time than expected making them fall below the fast movement of their contemporaries. All press releases are supported by ads that can stand as a drawback in their service. They also charge a cancellation fee should a requirement raises tickets of press release removal.

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Providing media professionals marketing prospects through a network of content marketing websites, have been paving the path of effective global integration. They have various service packages and also a free one that works extensively towards the enrichment and effective circulation of news and updates relating to charity work and corporate social responsibility undertaken by businesses.

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PR Fire

One of the leading digital pubic relations and marketing services out there, PR Fire is instrumental in establishing a flowing connection between bloggers, media, consumers, businesses, companies, and more in all of the UK. Their free press release distribution package publishes write-ups within 48 hours of submission and also allows image formatting within the PR. However, clients cannot follow up regarding the measurable growth of their visibility or engagement which is a major downsize.

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A network spread across various, PRZOOM has helped businesses and companies find validated exposure and growth in the respective market. Sign up for free and enjoy the effective prospects of press release distribution across the media. The press releases are supported by ads and they are entitled to a cancellation fee in case removal is requested.

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Get introduced to one of the most widely regarded PR distribution service websites for your business marketing prospects. Their free press release distribution service is effective in terms of integrated network building. However, these press releases do not allow image use nor do they find a spot on Google News.

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Market Press Release

Market Press Release is a press release distribution service operating entirely online. Businesses can avail their services to increase market visibility and search engine rankings thus exponentially hiking these sales. One can publish up to one free press release a day and expand their scope of effective market growth. One can also avail their paid services and packages to enroll for better promotional activities.

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Irrespective of your business goals, vision or content, press release distribution is indispensable to flag a successful growth curve in the salient years to come within the organization. Free press release distribution has opened the scopes of small-scale businesses and independent business operators specially who can participate in the digital movement of audience engagement and market visibility without the liability of investment. The aforementioned websites and their free distribution services stand as a major initiation to something bigger in terms of capturing market and consumer demands.


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