How to Use Press Releases for SEO and What are its Biggest Benefits?


Press releases have quite a number of objectives these days. You can even use press releases for SEO and establish a powerful presence for your brand online.

Press releases are traditionally used to attract the attention of the target audience through media coverage and establish a better relationship with the media. With worldwide digitization, press releases now have another important objective, which is to increase the authority of our brand online. Press releases can be extremely useful at boosting your existing SEO and putting your organization in a powerful position in the market.

use press releases for SEO

What are the SEO benefits of a press release?

Before you learn how to use press releases for SEO, you must know what kind of benefit it can offer you for your brand.

• The first and biggest benefit of issuing a press release is that it will help your brand to rank higher in the SERPs of your target audience with the help of your target audience. The more you publish a PR, the higher your ranks are in the search results of Google and other search engines.

• Press releases help you acquire valuable backlinks that attract a greater number of readers, increasing your brand reputation. To get valuable backlinks make sure your press release is published on major media outlets in your specific industry.

• Press releases help increase the traffic to your website as well. This leads to a boost in sales as well.

• A well-crafted and distributed PR can increase the visibility of your brand and spread awareness about it across the world instantly.

• It can also be used to restore your brand reputation if it has been damaged for some reason.

Here are some tips to execute the perfect PR to strengthen your SEO:

1. Learn who you are writing for

The concept of press releases is a lot different than any other content. Conveying your message to the target audience is the key to a successful PR. You need to always keep the audience in mind while crafting an effective PR. You need to choose a topic for your pr that is trendy or relevant to them. You also have to use simple enough language to make sure it is comprehensible to all your niche audience. An audience-centric PR can easily boost your SEO ensuring your success in the market.

2. Understand the importance of Keywords

The best way to make your press release SEO-friendly is keyword inclusion. Keywords are the phrases that your niche audience uses to search for products or services similar or related to yours. If you use these phrases in your content, it will automatically appear in the search result of your potential customers. The higher you rank in the SERPs, the better your PR’s chances of getting clicked. You should get your content written by professional PR writers to make sure the most appropriate keywords are used in the most natural way possible. They are also aware of the latest keyword inclusion techniques that will bring you the best results.

3. Embed anchor links

It is proven that press releases with anchor links work better and are more effective than the ones without any. But using them in the wrong way can get you banned by the search engines. So, you need to be extremely careful while using anchor links.
Professional PR writers know how many anchor texts and links are best for your content as per its length. They use the primary keyword as one of the anchor texts to make it fit naturally in the content. Anchor texts are very useful at increasing the SEO of your content and brand.

4. Add multimedia

To be honest, press releases can get boring for most modern readers who have shorter attention spans these days. A long text can make your readers move on to the next thing. Humans are drawn to visuals. So, it is very clever to use multimedia like images, gifs, and infographics in PR to keep the readers hooked. Professional PR agencies allow multimedia inclusion in press releases as well.

5. Hire the best PR agency

To make sure you don’t miss a single thing to optimize your PR, it is best to appoint a reputed and reliable PR company that offers effective PR writing and distribution to more than a hundred major media outlets. These services use various tools and techniques to make their PR campaigns 100% successful. Availing of their service is not expensive at all. They have different packages that you can select from as per your budget and requirements.


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