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BEAUFOND PLC Q3 – 9 Months 2021-22 Result Announcement


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dubai, United Arab Emirates May 9, 2022 ( – BEAUFOND PLC Q3 & 9 Months 2021-22 Result Announcement

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Beaufond Plc Reports 25.10 % Increase in  Revenue to USD 404.70 million for the Q3 of 2021- 22 against USD 323.51 million in the corresponding period of last year


  • EBITDA growth continued to be rising by 18.87  %  for the  Q3 of 2021-22 against corresponding to the same period of last year. The Pharma segment continues to be the biggest driver of top and bottom line growth. 
  • Company revenues increased 25.10 % in Q3 2021-22 against Q3 of 2020-21, supported by  International  Trade  of  pharma  products  which  are  the major contributor to the total revenue. 
  • Company’s net profit increased 6.41 % in Q3 comparing last year Q3. Net income for the period in actual is US$ 19.29 mn. 
  • Beaufond’s net worth increased from USD 332.62 mn (Q3 2020-21) to USD 393.74 mn in Q3 2021-22 – nearly 18.38 % increase. 
  • The Current Ratio recorded for the Q3 is 1.41 which is at par with the trading and distribution business companies. 
  • The Liquidity Ratio of Q3 (2021-22) is 1.22 which shows its ability to pay off its current debt obligations. 
  • The increase in Net profitability ratio showed a mark of 4.77 % in the Q3 ending 31.03.2022.    


We are encouraged by our Third Quarter results as our disciplined growth strategies continue to deliver strong underlying performance. We ended the Third Quarter this year on robust footing as we reported growth in EBITDA and remain focused on quality new opportunities across our core markets in UAE,  India, Hong Kong,  Singapore,  the  Middle  East, Taiwan  and the  United  States where we continue to see attractive business counterparts. We have also further strengthened our leading position across all market sectors as we added an array of business projects in segments including API in pharma, particularly therapeutic segments.

The current ratio is 1.41 as of 31.03.2022 which is well above the level of the corresponding trading companies’ ratio and shows the company’s efficiency to meet its financial / liquidity obligation. As the sales of the Trading operation is increasing trend, it is more capable than the company is of paying its obligations, as it has a larger proportion of asset value relative to the value of its liabilities. The TOL/TNW Ratio for the Q3 of 2021-22 decreased marginally to 1.34 from 1.41 in the same quarter of last year which is very well above the industrial average.

I assure all of our consumers that the businesses are gaining strong traction even during the pandemic period, reflecting our customer obsession and investments in best-in-class trade platforms. The international market provides exciting opportunities to scale up these businesses and maximize long-term shareholder value in the coming years.

In summary, we continue to see the future with optimism and feel that Beaufond remains ideally positioned to capitalize on growth opportunities in its key markets. Moreover, I remain confident that we have the right team in place to continue to build out what has proven to be the leading international business around the globe.


Sachin Saini

Managing Director & CEO


Beaufond Plc achieved consolidated revenue of US$ 404.70 mn during the Quarter ending 31.03.2022 with a remarkable increase of 25.10 % growth comparing the last year’s third quarter result of USD 323.51 mn.

The gross profit is on increase in trend and as on 31.03.2022, it is 24.54%, in term of actual it is USD 30.40 mn during the Third Quarter of 2021-22 against the actuals of USD 24.41 mn during the Third Quarter of 2020-21. It is a popular tool to evaluate the operational performance of the business which indicates the company’s financial health. Here it tells investors how much gross profit every dollar of revenue Beaufond Plc is earning.

The company earned a net profit of USD 19.29 mn for the period from 01.01.2022 – 31.03.2022 and recorded higher profit growth of 20.40 % which clearly direct that the company is more efficient at converting sales into actual profit.

During the Third quarter of year 2021-22, the net worth of company increased to USD 393.74 mn against the same period of last year shows the result of USD 332.62 mn with an increase of 18.38%.

These financial results are an impressive testament to the achievements of our management and staff. The Directors are optimistic about the prospects for the ensuing year and expect to improve the performance of the Company.

Board of Directors          

The board is headed by Mr. Sachin Saini, Managing Director of the company as Chairman supported by with 4 independent directors – Mr. John Oppermann, Ms. Sangeeta Lakhi, Mr. Chelven Chengabroyan and Ms. Constance Mabhande.

About the Company:

Beaufond Plc is a multi-product, multi market, multi-location and multi-segment International Distribution and Trading Company   that focus on essentials for the society and has evolved into a market-leading international business, with operations across six continents, and businesses that touch the lives of millions across the globe. Our Innovation Centre, today, is home to world-class R&D capabilities. 

The Company’s business model is into three verticals: 

  • Chemical and Medical Consumables.
  • IT and Multimedia.
  • Other Merchandise. 

The company has a vertically integrated business model with research and development, marketing and distribution capabilities, with respect to certain finished dosage forms. Beaufond believes that this helps the company in moving up the value chain, control business expenses, reduce dependency on third parties and strengthen its position as a quality ‘branded’ trading company, while the research and development team provides additional support for the integrated business model. Beaufond believes that focusing on the markets and customers’ segments enables to achieve a superior return by taking on sound credit risk 

Beaufond Plc ensures that focusing on the markets and customers’ segments enables to achieve a superior return by taking on sound strategic decisions. The company has the vision that placed the greater good of society at par with business growth, put into practice pioneering social initiatives that changed the way responsible business was run and brought into the Company a strong social conscience and is to be a global Trading and distributing company that provides the best products and services to its customers and creates a business environment that is appreciated and valued by its customers, employees and stakeholders.


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