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“The Broker”, a Real Estate Broker’s Hard Hitting Autobiography, Reveals Underlying Racial Tensions in the Industry

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Pasadena, Jan 11, 2021 ( – D. Sidney Potter, former commercial real estate broker with national brokerage Marcus & Millichap, just released his third book, The Broker: Deals, Steals, and Moving Forward. Mr. Potter has street credibility on this topic as it relates to commercial real estate brokerage, and can converse on mortgage operations as it relates to defaults, vacancies, repurchase portfolios, refinances, eviction waivers, and post-plague issues. As a present-day residential mortgage operation professional, he has worked for Deloitte & Touché, Accenture, and Bank of America on issues related…

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Zero Mortgage and Faisal Kutty

Correction of Misunderstanding and Misinformation on Zoominfo (YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Jan 10, 2021 ( – Correction of Misunderstanding and  Misinformation on ZoomInfo   Toronto, January 10, 2020. We understand that there has been some confusion and misunderstanding regarding the association of Faisal Kutty with Zero Mortgage. We wish to confirm the following:   That Faisal Kutty of Kutty & Associates       is         not       part      of         the       management    team of Zero Mortgage and he has no direct or indirect interest in the company; That Faisal Kutty has…

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Brazil’s first private equity firm to become a fintech. DXA

DXA first 100% digital investment innovation- Ceo Oscar Decotelli (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Jan 7, 2021 ( – Announcement  DXA Invest: Brazil’s first private equity firm to become a fintech. Investors will be able to join our new platform. – future investments will be made through a fast and fully digital process say,  Oscar Decotelli CEO DXA Invest.   Expansion into Fintech Key to Expanding DXA’s Investor Base DXA Invest, the Rio de Janeiro-based private equity firm, is aggressively incorporating fintech to significantly broaden its investor base.  Previously, subscribers in DXA…

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Neo Banking platform SaveIN aims to revolutionize how Indians bank

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Gurgaon, Nov 12, 2020 ( – Ex-Banker and Fintech expert Jitin Bhasin is setting up a neo-banking platform named SaveIN, that aims to disrupt the way Indians access and consume banking products and services. After having set up large, successful and profitable lending start-ups Rupeeredee and digital Non-Banking Financial Company, Fincfriends, Bhasin has now set his eyes on disrupting the wider financial services market addressing all key segments of customers’ financial needs starting from a digital savings bank account, debit and credit cards, loans, payments, insurance and investment solutions. SaveIN is…

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NewsCrypto App: The Next Generation Crypto App

NewsCrypto launches the beta release of their most awaited crypto app. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Ingolstadt, Dec 16, 2020 ( – Newscrypto has launched its latest product – an application that allows its users to track crypto prices and portfolios, get 24/7 market updates, follow live token trends, and play crypto-based games under one platform. The application comes handy for investors who love tracking their cryptocurrencies on the go as they are able to track over 6000 cryptocurrencies while getting personalized live market information on price changes of their preferred cryptocurrencies.  If you are…

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VERUM INVESTMENTS INC.: From success to success

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Madrid, Dec 3, 2020 ( – An investment worth 450 Million Euro has just been approved by the board of directors of the investment company, Verum Investments Inc. The company intends to venture in the aerospace with the view of being the pioneers in the world. In addition to the development of an audio-visual cinematographic company already in progress, Verum has invested in the development of a residential complex for management and health research. With its solid experience in the financial sector, VERUM INVESTMENTS INC. believes that the society is…

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UAE’s Khurram Shroff backed CanETH Pool exceeds market cap of $200 million overnight as Ethereum 2.0 Genesis Launch achi

With version 2.0 of the world’s most widely used Blockchain reaching the 100% stake mark, the CanETH Rewards Token CReth has rallied upwards in value as well (YorkPedia Editorial):- Dubai, Nov 25, 2020 ( – The Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract, in which Mr. Khurram Shroff, the Dubai based Chairman of the IBC Group and a known Bitcoin investor, invested a stake of about 20,000 ETH (valued at $10 million), has accrued more than 540,000 ETH ($300 million), ensuring that the beacon chain will launch on its scheduled date of 1st December 2020.…

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News Flash ! Important advances in the Digital Assets Industry!

One World Coin (YorkPedia Editorial):- Wilmington, Nov 25, 2020 ( – PRE-ICO ANNOUNCEMENT! One World Bancorp is thrilled to announce the launch of One World Cryptocoin!  The world has changed and we are changing the financial services industry with forward thinking concepts. Why wait for wire transfer payments when you can now transfer funds instantly. One World Bancorp Inc, provides capital markets services for business clients. We lead the way with full service multicurrency cash services and crypto wallet to hold all types of Bitcoin and Etherium based Digital Assets. One World Cryptocoin’s PRE-ICO is now…

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Baltimore Nighthawks Welcome PNC Bank as Corporate Sponsor

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Baltimore, Nov 17, 2020 ( – Media Contact:          Tanya Bryan [email protected]   Baltimore Nighthawks Welcome PNC Bank as Corporate Sponsor We are pleased to announce PNC Bank as an official corporate sponsor of the Baltimore Nighthawks for the 2021 season. We are members of the Women’s Football Alliance (WFA) which was established in 2009 and has become the world’s largest competitive women’s tackle football league. The Baltimore Nighthawks have established a goal to provide a safe and productive environment that enables women to learn and apply the principles of teamwork,…

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Microdose Presents Psychedelic Capital – A Virtual Investment Conference Highlighting Prominent Industry Players

Microdose Psychedelic Insights, in partnership with The Conscious Fund, is pleased to announce the next edition of Psychedelic Capital: The Gold Standard for Psychedelic Investing taking place on Thursday 29th October, 2020 at 1PM EST. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Oct 30, 2020 ( – Microdose Psychedelic Insights, in partnership with The Conscious Fund, is pleased to announce the next edition of Psychedelic Capital: The Gold Standard for Psychedelic Investing taking place on Thursday 29th October 2020 at 1 PM EST.  This month’s conference features dynamic presentations from our renowned sponsors Magical Brands, Numinus,…

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