Creating A World of Teen Fantasy, Weiqi Wang Publishes ‘Code Of Rainbow: Soaring Flame And The Dragon-Transcending Magimal’


After gaining success as a scientist, Weiqi Wang is now spreading his wings of creativity with the latest book release ‘Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal’. The book is the first one in the teen fantasy book series to enter a world of magic and impossibility. It helps people, especially teenagers to wander in a different world of fantasy, away from the worries of this world.

This book was released as a kindle edition on December 19, in the year 2016, and was able to keep its name on the mind of readers around the world since. It is now available on Amazon as a kindle edition with a total page of 356.

Weiqi Wang

Weiqi Wang did an amazing job at writing this book that takes teenagers, targeting especially in the age group of 12-18 years to a whole different world of magic. In today’s world, where the pressure is so heavy on teenagers, this book helps them stay away from all the negativity ad worries of this world and allows them to be lost in a world where even animals have magical powers.

As a scientist himself, the author uses scientific terms and ways to build up the story and the plot which makes it even more interesting. Many think scientists and fantasy story writers are the exact opposite as science is completely against magic. Magic allows you to wander in an illusion where science helps you get back to the real world. The author kept the transition of magic to science extremely well-scripted and constructed in the book that keeps not just teenagers but readers of any age anticipated.

‘Code of Rainbow: Soaring Flame and the Dragon-transcending Magimal’ centers around Soarame who has a pair of special eyes, that allows him to see magical elements in this world which also puts him in danger. The book is the first in its series, leaving two next parts that complete Soarame’s journey. To explore his other works and details, follow him on social media.

The book is available on Amazon:


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