Get Festive Ready and Promote SoundCloud Songs with Music Promotion Club at a 10% Discount


Make your aspiring music career reach its heights and promote SoundCloud songs with Music Promotion Club at a discount rate during the sale of Halloween.

Worrying about music promotion and reaching a wider network audience is a thing of the past as the Music Promotion Club is offering its promotional and marketing services at an affordable package rate. On top of that, the website has just started its Halloween sale which already started on the 27th of October. The sale will continue till 3rd November with a flat discount of 10% on the promotional packages. With this, you can easily promote SoundCloud songs and achieve the maximum results at a discounted rate.

Promote SoundCloud Songs
Promote SoundCloud Songs

SoundCloud is easily one of the biggest music streaming platforms in the world and is popular among music lovers worldwide. Many renowned artists of today’s international music industry have started their careers from this streaming platform as it is also recognized as one of the ways to discover underrated artists. Getting the released music on the platform will definitely attract the big names in the music industry along with extensive record labels. Keeping this in mind, the Music Promotion Club has extended its helping hand and offers promotional activities so that aspiring musicians can get the reach, visibility, and recognition they deserve on the application. With the help of the professionals in the Music Promotion Club, artists will be able to get their dream listener numbers on SoundCloud.

To make its service even more appealing, the website is now offering a flat 10% discount on the services amidst the Halloween sale. Starting from 27th October till 3rd November, the website allows a discount on all four of its packages.

The first package is called ‘SoundCloud Marketing Starter Pack‘ which offers organic promotion of the Soundcloud music on the application with 2 hours of daily manual content sharing on social media for 4-5 days. The price was original $59 which is now reduced to $53 due to the flat 10% discount. This package comes with at least 15,000+ plays worldwide along with increased engagement on the tracks. It also offers social media marketing which exposes the artist to its huge 240000+ followers, especially helpful in creating a buzz.

The second package, the ‘SoundCloud Promotion Package‘, originally priced at $110 is now available at only $99. This package includes organic promotion and content marketing on social media by sharing the content for 4 hours on a daily basis which goes over a week. It guarantees over 40,000 plays on selected tracks from worldwide along with increased likes and engagement. It also does SEO marketing by creating one exclusive keyword for the artist.

The third package is called ‘SoundCloud Marketing Weekly Pack’; which is originally priced at $59 and now is available for $53 per week. This package offers organic promotions and over 20,000 plays worldwide. Increased engagement and likes on the SoundCloud profile is added perk along with increasing social media interaction by sharing content over there for 2 hours daily. It helps generate and create a buzz in social media and skyrockets the listeners on SoundCloud.

The fourth and final package that the Music [promotion Club allows is called the ‘SoundCloud Promotion Weekly Package‘. The original price of this package was $100 which is now available at the discounted rate of $99 per week. This package allows the artists to gain at least more than 50,000+ plays worldwide, increased engagement and likes, increased social media interaction, and Daily 4 hours of content sharing on social media.

So grab the opportunity as the sale has already started on 27th October and make your dream music career a reality.

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