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Cornex Online Launches Affiliate Program For YouTube Video Marketing


Video Marketing

Users can learn how to drive traffic to their business with video marketing tools by participating in the training.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Jan 3, 2023 ( – Cornex Online is proud to introduce this program with Ad Outreach it helps business owners improve their marketing reach through ad usage. Cornex Online is a powerhouse for value-driven video marketing and excels at using influencer marketing and YouTube video advertising to expand a brand’s reach.

Through this program, users learn how to drive traffic to their businesses by implementing video marketing and YouTube video marketing tools and techniques. The results of this method are proven, with the benefits of participating in this training program including:

$200M+ in revenue generated by the YouTube Ads Program to date
Businesses optimized for 7 to 8 figures 
Reaching the 2.1 billion people using YouTube around the world 

After using Ad Outreach, the program affiliated with Cornex Online, users have said, 

“I wasn’t expecting to see 3X so quickly! A sense of accomplishment

that reaffirms that I’m not too old to do this.”

Inspiring success stories like these demonstrate the effect that utilizing the tools available through video marketing and YouTube ads can have. The team at Cornex Online says they are a trusted source for helping clients achieve their goals. They understand the desire to reduce ad costs while increasing the return on ad spends and seeing exponential revenue growth. They are confident in their strategy through this new affiliate program and are excited to put participants on a path to success and achieving their business goals. 

Participants in the training program get support in developing a video marketing strategy and determining the best way to implement that strategy in order to see business growth. Video marketing can be used to gain consumer trust and become an authority on an industry topic, which is a focus of the training course. 

Training program participants will learn how to influence the buying decisions of consumers through their video ad marketing. They’ll generate consistent high-quality leads and learn about scaling revenue as their business grows. Cornex Online has grown its business to 8 figures through these strategies and is excited to help clients take their revenue from 7 to 8 figures through these teachings. Ad Outreach is a course that was founded by Aleric Heck who is a YouTube Ads Expert. He started out on YouTube 11 years ago and has gained 475k+ subscribers to his channel, learning valuable marketing lessons along the way. 

Some of the tools at YouTubers’ disposal that will be taught through the affiliate program include: 

How to master YouTube ads and video marketing 
Interview videos 
Live YouTube videos 
Event videos 
How-To videos Recording personal message videos to thank clients and build relationships 

The program teaches how to generate leads, convert those leads, and then close the sale. Those who are interested in gaining these skills through Cornex Online and partnership with Ad Outreach can learn more by contacting the company through their website. The cost of the program is currently just $47 with an estimated total value of $876 for all of the valuable content taught in the Ad Outreach course


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