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The bridge between business and diplomacy: An Interview with Israel’s youngest Honorary Consul


Yossi Abadi

A Successful career and a fruitful entrepreneurial journey that has impacted multiple nations. It all stems from Yossi Abadi´s lifelong applied formula: learn, execute, and evaluate, which has made him the youngest among Israeli honorary consuls.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ramat Hasharon, Tel Aviv Feb 22, 2023 ( – It all stems from Yossi Abadi´s lifelong applied formula: learn, execute, and evaluate, which has made him the youngest among Israeli honorary consuls. Still now under 40 years old, he was appointed the honorary consul of El Salvador in his country Israel.

Abadi’s life has always had a great touch of international sense. “Growing up in Mexico as a child changed the course of my life, it gave me a new passion for the Latin American continent,” says Abadi, who lived in the Dominican Republic for several years, until reaching a senior executive role in the Dominican government, and all this, despite being a young Israeli citizen.

Abadi, an Israeli lawyer, with academic degrees in international relations and national security, is the co-founder and CEO of an Israeli technology company, but it seems that whatever paths he has chosen, they have always led him to only one destination: Latin America.

All this has resulted in prestigious publications such as the regional business magazine Forbes considering him as the ‘most recognized Israeli in Central America’ and ‘one of the most reliable opinion leaders in Latin America. 

“I remember sitting at a negotiating table with the U.S. Minister of Energy, representing the Dominican government when I was barely 30 years old”, says Abadi who was by then the Chief of Staff of the Minister of Energy and Mines of the Dominican Republic. “What helped me the most was our Israeli spirit, lack of fear, and the well-known ‘hutzpah’ that characterizes us so much,” comments Abadi.

But what has it meant for Yossi Abadi to diplomatically represent El Salvador in his country?

“It is an honor to be part of such a fantastic team of Israeli businessmen and leaders who, as honorary consuls, take on the diplomatic role of representing the valuable alliances of many other countries with Israel. My mission is to be the ‘salesman’ of all the advantages that El Salvador offers to foreign investors in so many sectors”, he says.

The very figure of Yossi Abadi as an entrepreneur willing to accept any challenge could be compared to the image that this Central American country has managed to position on the world stage, led by a president convinced in positively changing the paradigms of governance in politics and economics.

“As an Israeli, there is no other country I feel prouder to represent than El Salvador, which is the most authentic example of a government that represents the new young generation, disconnected from ‘traditional politics’, with people who understand that the only way to change complex realities is to dare, turning ideas into real actions,” he says. “From being the most violent country in the world, in just 3 years; El Salvador has become a fertile ground for foreign investments, infrastructure development, and also making a huge jump in the quality of the education system. To date, they are considered the safest country in Central America, reducing crime by 95%, and one of the safest in the whole continent. This transformation was never seen before. I doubt any other country can show such a change.” 

One of the most disruptive laws passed in this nation, being analyzed by economists around the world, and certainly by Abadi with absolute seriousness and confidence, is the adoption of the most famous cryptocurrency as an official currency, setting an important precedent.

“The decision to recognize Bitcoin as an official currency is one of the most courageous decisions taken in the global economic arena. It opened a door to a real and practical discussion about the decentralized economy, also by many other countries in the world. I think the effect of the president’s (Bukele) decision is even greater abroad than at home,” he says.

In a world where post-pandemic conditions have forced millions of people and companies to rethink their business models and adapt to new paradigms, entrepreneurship has become more than just putting fear aside; it is a philosophy of life.

Latin America, one of Yossi Abadi’s main business focuses, has been precisely characterized in recent years by taking giant steps in this area, generating local talent, and attracting investors eager to take advantage of this human talent.

“Entrepreneurship is the key to inclusive and sustainable growth, especially in regions where economic gaps are large and where social challenges are evident. Countries that cultivate a good entrepreneurial ecosystem will see that, in addition to supporting their current economic development, they’ll be able to reduce immediate financial damage in future crises,” says Abadi.

Yossi Abadi believes in the basis of sincere international cooperation. In this regard, he believes that Israel can contribute a lot to the world, not by completely solving their problems, but by strategically supporting them in the areas of greatest need from a digital transformation perspective.

“The best Israeli support we can give to our allies around the world will be to help them develop public policies that promote the human talent of these countries; but without strengthening and promoting research and development, the countries’ productivity will not accelerate,” he says.

Equally important is this entrepreneur’s corporate social vision, and he has embodied it with great success in his different and ambitious projects.

“I firmly believe that success is created by giving people a sense of social commitment, something to identify with; people today seek to be part of something bigger than a company, that is why we focus on the social sense, supporting the needs of the community, contributing to national development in the countries where we operate, this trust generates even more new projects and more social impact,” he concludes.

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Honorary Consul’s International PR
Yossi Abadi is an Israeli lawyer, businessman, and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of TENLOT Group, an international lottery and gaming operator and license holder an iliated with the Elenilto Group, and Senior Vice President of the Elenilto Group, a privately-owned global corporation investing in and operating large-scale projects in diverse industries, including Real Estate, Minerals, Oil, Gas, and Quarries. In 2021, Abadi was appointed by the Government of El Salvador as the Honorary Consul of El-Salvador in Israel.
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