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Child Support Partners With Melega Ecosystem to spread globally a revolution in the Charity Sector


Child Support  MelegaSwap Marketing Partnership

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, New York Mar 4, 2023 ( – Child Support is excited to announce a strategic marketing partnership with Melega Space, the Crypto Services Hub of MelegaSwap. Child Support is on a ground-breaking mission to create a moderate platform for both the trading of NFT and a transparent charity platform that rebuilds the trust that has almost completely been lost in the charity sector.

Over the past few years, charity has emerged as one of the most significant sectors that improve human life on a variety of scales, from the societal to the global. Although charitable organizations help our society, there is still a large part that lacks honesty, openness, and transparency in the way some of these organizations use and distribute financial contributions.

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Meanwhile, a third of Americans believe charitable organizations do not use their funds wisely, while over 60% of people around the world don’t think they can accomplish their goals. This is true, as there is no effective mechanism to track the funding and spending processes in real time to determine whether everything goes as it is supposed to. 

In addition to the trust that robust funding, spending, and tracking mechanisms help to create in the charity industry, they also help both established and emerging organizations, as well as other participants in the sector, gain the trust of donors and amass more funds from like-minded individuals and institutions. 

However, Child Support is on a mission to completely transform the charity sector by creating a platform that aims to connect the non-profit community and offer an ecosystem of services through a simple user interface, allowing thorough transparency and traceability of donations.

The main objective of Child Support is to build a community around a project with the principal focus on supporting children all over the world. This is in contrast to every new project on the blockchain market that aims to attract attention and engagement from the audience, mostly without a real-world use case.

Child Support boasts of standing for a cause that goes beyond simply being a blockchain project and stands for all those who are eager to assist those in need. 

“By fusing the investor mentality with the humanitarian spirit, we are revolutionizing charitable giving.” “Our vision remains to establish an entirely novel structure of charity with sustainable donations flowing from individuals through charitable organizations and out the other side while having a much greater influence, and we believe our new strategic marketing partnership with MelegaSwap and Melega Space will help accelerate this vision,” a spokesperson for the blockchain initiative focused on children’s charities said.

A division of Melega Finance, Melega Space advises new blockchain and cryptocurrency projects on which exchanges to work with as their listing partners and how to create the most effective listing strategy for their budget. The business offers an array of legal services, as well as additional services like security audits and community building and management. It also provides digital marketing strategies like native article marketing and media channel management, among others.

However, the native token of the ecosystem, the Child Support (CS) token will be tradeable on the BitMart exchange in the coming weeks. 

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