The Review of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Worth 10 Years of Wait


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The following is a spoiler-free review of the newly launched game.

Fans have been waiting for over two decades.

The remake of one of the most popular JRPGs of all time, Final Fantasy VII has been in the wish list for this long.

An entire generation of fans and players were intrigued and swept by the game’s aura, its characters, the music, combat, and story.

As a result, there are no surprises that the remake of the greatest games of all time will have to face extensive scrutiny.

But the question is, does Final Fantasy VII Remake live up to the worldwide expectations of fans?

And the news is Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review: The Game We’ve Been Waiting Two Decades For Is Worth The Wait!

The Good Parts

We are not really sure about where to begin.

The game has been rendered a success in every which way not just as a remake for fans who have been waiting for the franchise to wing out the latest installment and dive deep into its intricacies but also for those whose paths never crossed that of the Final Fantasy game franchise during its salient years of a long existence in the market.

First off, let us explore the characters.

The cult-favorite characters like Barret, Cloud, Tifa, Red XIII and Aerith are back and how! The characterization is unbelievably good. The voice acting of the character actors also stole the show and the integrated script was insightful enough to take the players into a journey of character depiction, depth, and much more. It is a sense of nostalgic acknowledgment for those who have grown up along with the Final Fantasy VII game and its characters and are now reliving their childhood and the introduction to their favorite roles all over again.

The main cast stole the show for sure and so did the side characters. The characterization and storyline of Jessie, Wedge, and Biggs all went through considerable development, and in the remake, they feel like a close part of the main team. Other characters like Mayor Domino and Jonny who appeared briefly in the original series also got a lot of attention and life in this remake.

This brings us to the graphics of the game and we tell you, it is amazing!

Symbolically, Final Fantasy VII Remake shows signs of being the swan song for PlayStation 4. The game utilizes every feature and power of this console before it goes out of production, thus bringing the association to a full circle. Fans have said that the graphics of the game feel so real that one might just completely forget that they are in a game and not practically present in that universe. The accuracy is so good that the experience feels like a movie more than a game. The quality of graphics in the remake topples that of the Final Fantasy VII sequel movie Advent Children. This is a feat in itself.

The story is long and extremely engaging and does not feel stretched or overdone at any point. The most appreciable part is that developers did not take away the essence of the original version of Final Fantasy VII in its remake. Every reason for which you fell in love with the original game has been kept intact in the remake. The remake has new subplots and various other side missions that were expected anyway but were able to fit into the story naturally without making the process too conspicuous.

A few missions and subplots with Wedge, Jessie, and Biggs added to the main story a lot of thematic depth and helped elements of the original story emerge with an emotional edge.

Now, let us come to combat.

Fans are saying that this game probably has one of the best combat systems that the Final Fantasy franchise ever implemented into their design and gameplay. It is a seamless blend of the original turn-based combat with an avant-garde action-adventure style similar to that in Final Fantasy XV or Kingdom Hearts.

The voice actors deserve a special mention here. All of them were phenomenal as they put in vocal individualism in making the characters vibrant and expressive, something that was least expected form this remake.

Briana White from Strange Rebel Gaming stole the show as Aerith. Her performance was honest, straightforward, emotional, and of course, outstanding. She took the character of Aerith and turned it into an icon and an immortal which was beyond the overall expectation of the fans.

The Bad Parts

Honestly speaking, there is nothing so negative in the game that needs to be pointed out separately. Many were worried about the camera issues that were evident in the demo but the final product rectified every flaw.

However, the only thing that we can separately point out which again is in no way negative feedback without hitting the spoiler zone is that the ending feels ambiguous.

It is a long-going tendency of Tetsuya Nomura to go overly complicated with the storytelling. This instantly reminds us of his work in the Kingdom Heart series. In this remake, he kept no stones unturned in utilizing his storytelling capabilities, especially with the ending has left many fans confused and unanswerable to where the story will go in the upcoming games.

Final Thoughts

Putting all our reviews together side by side, we are very proud and ecstatic to say that the game is a digital masterpiece in its entirety. It might have hit a few flat surfaces and paved the storyline into an anticlimactic situation (Kingdom Hearts 3, is that you?), but all that can be forgiven.

And with this remake, these problems do not even stand a chance of reconsideration.

Overall, we give this game a perfect 10/10.

We feel that every person who was involved in the development, production, and marketing of the game should take credit and let us know as soon as possible when the next one is coming out.


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