A new update has just been received by Cloudpunk that adds the view of a first-person


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If games that have a cyberpunk theme are enjoyed by you, a lot of great offerings are there right now. One of the most noteworthy among the games is Cloudpunk that impeccably makes deliveries that too in a flying car.

Since it was launched back in April, it has been well received as vibrant colors are featured and the sci-fi backdrop has a competent look.

Ever since the game has been released, there has just been the perspective of the only one-third person. Nevertheless, an update of the first-person perspective just came out and it has been introduced. So if you are wondering ever how much more unique and immersive Cloudpunk can get it is worth checking out for sure. Cloudpunk Just Received A New Update That Adds A First-Person View.

Right now, Steam has got a completely free update on this one and it makes it easy for the gamers to drive around the avant-garde city and fetch some much needed memorable experience. One feels much more in control of the vehicles and they can enjoy it as they get an experience of the adrenalin rush as you weave past every time, the traffic that is up in the city.

Some trailers have started coming out and have shown players who are using camera angles that are zoomed-in. This is one of the stands out qualities of Cloudpunk and it is even more in the department that is related to visual.

There have been shots thereof the users who are walking across the busy metropolis, where vibrant color and neon signs are everywhere. A promising picture is certainly painted for Cyberpunk 2077 which is all set to be the upcoming new game, and it is slated to be released in September from the CD Projekt Red.

It is very important and vital to note the fact that there is the unavailability of the first-person camera in the vehicle if you are kind of descending and ascending. Nevertheless, the developer of the game ION LANDS has got further plans so that the feature can be supported in an update that is going to come in the future.

As of now, however, the game of Cloudpunk is quite pretty enough that has pushed the envelope in taking the idea concerning the delivery packages to an entirely different level altogether.

As you are driving as Rania all around the city of Nivalis, you will get a chance to meet the cast of characters that are diverse and have got interesting backstories. Something fantastic is always there that you can see and there are also some memorable missions that you can accept.

Once you move further inside this game, you will be able to unlock great content and some more secrets. Now that it is supported by a first-person camera the city of the game can be enjoyed by you ina more personal manner.

It is quite a great thing as the game called the Cloudpunk can be seen receiving all the spotlight. It is very much a hidden gem that has been kept secret and is going to offer a lot that is going to come right out of the gate. From interacting with the plethora of the NPCs to driving a car that is flying in the air, all the way throughout your journey the game is going to keep the attention going.

Nobody knows how much better it is going to get with the updates that could come in the future from the developers. But it seems that the sky is going to be the limit.


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