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Jetson, Appoints Industry Expert Stéphan D’haene as New CEO to Lead Next Phase of Innovation.


Stphan Dhaene CEO Jetson 2023

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Capolona, Arezzo Mar 22, 2023 ( – Jetson, a fast-growing EVTOL company, today announced the appointment of Stéphan D’haene as its new CEO. Stéphan D’haene brings extensive industry experience and a proven track record of driving growth and innovation in the Aviation Industry.

Stéphan joins Jetson from the US Aviation company ICON Aircraft, where he served as COO since 2021 and led the turnaround of the Engineering and Manufacturing Operations and geared them for success.

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Before joining ICON, Stéphan held several executive positions at multiple record-winning light sport aircraft companies, including BlackWing in Sweden and Porto Aviation Group in Italy. With 10 years at BRP, the World’s leading Powersport Company, Stéphan had the opportunity to deeply understand the recreational power sports business.

“Seeing the Jetson for the first time, about a year and a half ago, I was extremely excited about their flying concept vehicle. Finally, a team of visionary people led by Tomasz Patan and Peter Ternström had cracked the code and made flying more accessible than ever. Today I am honored to have the opportunity to lead this innovative eVTOL company as the new CEO.

The dream of flying has never been more accessible with the paradigm-shifting Jetson ONE, powered by an environmentally sustainable electric drivetrain. Together, we will push the boundaries of what is possible in the eVTOL industry and deliver game-changing solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.” -Stéphan D’haene, CEO, Jetson.

Stéphan will lead Jetson through its next phase of growth, leveraging his expertise in Aviation, Flight Certification, Operations, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Customer Support. Working closely with Jetson’s talented team to bring innovative solutions to the market and further democratize personal flight.

“We are confident that Stéphan D’haene’s expertise and leadership will help us achieve our goals and take the future of transport to a new level. We look forward to working with them as we continue to develop innovative eVTOL technology and change the way we travel.”

-Peter Ternstrom, Founder and President, Jetson

The Jetson ONE

The Jetson ONE is constructed of a race car-inspired lightweight aluminum space frame and Carbon-Kevlar composite body. Thanks to the intuitive joystick controls and a flight computer that keeps it stable in the air, everyone can learn how to fly it in just a matter of minutes.

It is powered by eight electric motors, and has a flight time of 20 minutes, reaching a top speed of 102 kilometers per hour (63 miles per hour). It runs on a high-discharge lithium-ion battery and can carry a pilot’s weight of 210 pounds (95kg).

About Jetson

Jetson is an eVTOL company with a mission to change the way we travel. We aim to make the skies available for everyone with our safe personal electric aerial vehicle. The Jetson ONE is a commercially available personal electric aerial vehicle that you can own and fly. Jetson was founded by Tomasz Patan and Peter Ternström in 2017. We intend to make everyone a pilot.

Jetson ONE Rome 2023

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