Future of WWE 2K are addressed by 2K Games and a new executive producer is announced in Open Letter


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Lately, an open letter has been published by 2K Games for the fans regarding the fate of series of WWE 2K and some new changes have been made along with it.

All these changes came in the backdrop of a negative response that comes from the WWE 2K20’s series most recent title. This game happens to be the series’ first one that has been developed completely by Visual Concepts after the project has been left by Yukes who has been the franchise developer in a long-time. 2K Games Addresses Future Of WWE 2K And A New Executive Producer In Open Letter.

WWE and 2K also went on to announce further that a new version of the game WWE 2K is not going to be released in the year 2020. Rather, WWE 2K Battlegrounds is being released by WWE along with Saber Interactive that has been developing various sports titles and actions that also include NBA 2K.

From the different eras, there are many popular wrestlers and more and more cartoonish versions of them are there in the WWE 2K Battlegrounds. It has been revealed in a trailer that wrestlers have got multiple impediments and after all that, they have to fight in the rings very much like the alligators. The wrestlers are going to have supernatural powers by themselves.

It seems that the game WWE 2K20 is losing steam after it has been launched at the end of the year 2019. The game Empire Tomorrow and the last Originals DLC has already been launched in the middle of March. The developers are in all likelihood, will continue to work on patches and bug fixes but it is very much unknown to all of us whether more content is planned for the game when more and more fine-tuning is the need of the hour. For the time being, for those fans who are very much disappointed by the very last game, it has been announced by 2K that they are going to keep the servers of WWE 2K19 as of now, but it is quite unknown to all of us when they are going to shut down.

It has been announced by WWE and 2K that Patrick Gilmore is going to join as the Executive Producer and will be leading the production of the series from the forefront. Gilmore has been previously working on franchises like Medal of Honor, Killer instinct, and most recently on Amazon’s new project called New World.

While, ultimately, the project of WWE 2K20 has been a disappointment for the fans, the battle game of cards called the WWE SuperCard has continued to be a tremendous success. Recently, the game celebrated and worldwide installs have been a touch of more than 20 million. It has also been stated in an open letter that the fans are waiting with bated breath to see more and more game modes, card-tiers, exciting announcements and in-game events that are on the cards as the content for WWE SuperCard has been continuing to roll out.

It has been reaffirmed by 2K Games as far as its commitments are concerned so that library of games for the WWE can be expanded. It has also been announced by them that they want to ensure the fact that the development team working at the Visual Concepts are opting for creating a great game that is going to entertain the grizzled veterans of WWE 2K that also includes the newcomers who are willing to climb up through the ropes and for the very first step wants to step into the ring.

The next game in the series, WWE 2K Battlegrounds, is going to be launched this Fall. The game is going to be launched on certain platforms and things regarding those are still pending.


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