WarDrome: The Ultimate Space Strategy Game Launches Open Beta on March 23rd


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Catania, Sicilia Jan 19, 2023 ( – WarDrome is a free strategic management game set in a space opera atmosphere. Real-time combats, development, economy, and role play are the key aspects of the game.

In WarDrome, players can create and customize their own space fleet, consisting of various types of ships and weapons. They can then engage in real-time battles with other players to conquer new territories and expand their empires.

In addition to combat, players must also manage the economic and technological development of their empire. This involves building space stations, researching new technologies, and trading resources with other players.

The game also features a role-playing aspect, where players can interact with each other and form alliances or engage in diplomatic negotiations.

Overall, WarDrome offers a unique blend of strategy, management, and role-playing, set in a captivating space opera setting.

WarDrome, which first launched as a browser game in 2002, is now available as a brand new 3D game made with Unity technologies. It will be available for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Linux devices, making it accessible to an even wider audience of players. The game has been completely redesigned to take advantage of the latest technology, offering players an immersive gaming experience, unlike anything they’ve seen before. 

WarDrome takes place in a procedurally generated galaxy consisting of trillions of stars, each one unique and carefully calculated using Mandelbrot fractals. This allows for an almost infinite number of possibilities and ensures that no two players will have the same experience. Each star system, planet, and asteroid field is generated using fractal algorithms, creating a truly immersive and believable universe. The game’s galaxy is full of diverse and unique locations to explore, from barren planets, to life-sustaining stars, to asteroid fields filled with valuable resources. The fractal-based generation also allows for the game’s universe to be consistently changing and evolving, providing players with a sense of discovery and surprise each time they play. The use of Mandelbrot fractals not only adds to the game’s realism but also provides a unique and memorable gaming experience.

With the new version of WarDrome, players can expect improved graphics, new features, and more ways to play than ever before.

According to Ricardo Antonio Piana, the game’s author, “I’m extremely excited to launch WarDrome’s open beta. We’ve worked hard to create a strong sci-fi game that’s open to all players and I can’t wait for everyone to experience it.”

The background story of WarDrome takes place in the year 2633 of the Solar Age, after humanity has lost a devastating war with alien forces. In a desperate attempt to save their species, the leader of humanity, Gengiro Seatogu, activates a mysterious machine known as the multiverse machine, which sends all species to different dimensions. The resulting “snap” leaves only a small number of humans and other sentient beings remaining in the original dimension. With sentient beings now the rarest resource in the universe, players take on the role of the leader of the spaceship Brobdinigian and its support fleet, tasked with exploring the galaxy in search of powerful artifacts, weapons, and other resources to help rebuild and survive. However, players must also be on the lookout for dangerous outlaws, hostile aliens, and other dangers as they attempt to restore balance in the universe and uncover the truth behind the multiverse machine and its purpose. With FTL travel at their disposal, players will have the opportunity to explore the galaxy and make choices that will determine the fate of humanity.

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Commander of communication shipBridge of BrobdinigianMapView of the fleet near a warp facility

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WarDrome: free space strategy game with real-time battles, economy building, role-playing. Dominate the galaxy in epic space opera battles
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