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Designer Elie Balleh Raises Awareness for Autism

  Autistic Children Models Elie Balleh Design during NYFW   New York City, Feb 6, 2023 ( – Designer Elie Balleh Raises Awareness for Autism “Autistic Children Models Elie Balleh Design during NYFW” Please Join Us Monday, 2/6/23, @5pm for International Fashion Designer Elie Balleh NYFW Runway Show @ The Sanctuary Roosevelt Island 851 Main St, New York, NY 10044 International Celebrity Designer Elie Balleh supports and Raises Awareness for Autism. “Autistic Children Models Elie Balleh Design during New York Fashion Week” Their unique talents are being showcased to highlight the fantastic…

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Celebrate the Hummingbird Season with Birdfy’s Innovative Accessory

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Mar 15, 2023 ( – As the hummingbird season approaches, Birdfy proudly unveils its latest innovation, the Birdfy Hummee Extension Set. This exceptional accessory is specifically designed for hummingbirds, serving as the perfect add-on for Birdfy Feeder. The red lid with yellow flower design is a sure attraction for hummingbirds, making it a perfect addition to any garden or outdoor space. The Hummee takes the bird-watching experience to the next level, offering an innovative and unique way to appreciate the beauty of these magnificent birds. One of…

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Extreme Chef Jobs – Chef Jobs That are out of the Ordinary

  (YorkPedia Editorial):- Beverly Hills, California Mar 1, 2023 ( – Private Chefs Inc. is the  World’s Elite Private Chef Agency, for more information, go to to learn more. Submarine Chefs Yacht chefs may have an idea of the challenges of cooking at sea in close quarters, but only a submarine chef can understand what it’s like to prepare complete meals in that tight space for a hungry crew of 150 every six hours! Not to mention the mental strain of being submerged way below sea level for months at a time.…

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Project 100 Launches Brand Awareness Campaign to “Keep it 100” and Support Local Influencers in San Jose

Project 100 Launches Brand Awareness Campaign to Empower Local Influencers and Support Small Businesses in the San Jose Area (YorkPedia Editorial):- San Jose, California Mar 10, 2023 ( – Project 100 is a marketing agency in San Jose, California, that works with entrepreneurs and small businesses to tackle niche marketing campaigns, advertisements, and creative branding. The company’s vision is to “Keep it 100,” as the saying goes, which means they’re always striving for honesty and authenticity in everything they do. This message isn’t just meant for their company, it serves as a…

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“Infinite Love”, by Shima Shad Rouh, will be ready to download on amazon for valentine´s day 14/02/2023 for ONLY 2.99$!

  Infinite Love, My journey to better Health, Relationships and Finances applying a Scientific-Spiritual Approach by Shima Shad Rouh is now available   (YorkPedia Editorial):- Marbella, Malaga Feb 13, 2023 ( – “Infinite Love” is a fascinating and inspiring memoir by Shima Shad Rouh. Born during the war between Iran and Iraq in Tehran, Shima’s life was marked by extraordinary challenges and a lifelong dedication to finding solutions for human suffering. Through her journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, she developed powerful tools that have transformed her own life and the lives…

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Netvue’s All-in-one Baby Monitor: The Innovative Gift for Baby Showers

  (YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, California Feb 13, 2023 ( – When friends or family are expecting a new addition to their lives, finding a unique and meaningful gift can be challenging. A baby monitor, however, stands out as the perfect choice. Netvue’s Smart Baby Monitor is specifically designed to provide support and ease to both the baby and new parents. Stable and Long-Lasting Performance Netvue’s Smart Baby Monitor Peekababy offers a maximum working time of 6 hours without needing to be charged, and a stable connection is guaranteed. In the event…

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Government Economic Restrictions and the Control of COVID-19

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Abu Zabi, United Arab Emirates Mar 1, 2023 ( – Are you looking to find out if government economic restrictions could effectively control COVID-19? New research by Dr. Juan Dempere has exposed that the time inconsistency problem has emerged as one of the key obstacles to successful government crisis management. This problem arises when policymakers are more likely to take short-term actions that will improve their electoral prospects, even if those actions will have negative long-term consequences. This is especially true in democracies, where policymakers are more susceptible to political pressures. Uncover the full implications…

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Iconic Autographs And Scarce Signatures For Sale in March

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Wayne, New Jersey Feb 28, 2023 ( – Signaturist-Ink, a leading purveyor of exceptional autographs, historic documents, antiquities & artifacts, is pleased to offer four exceedingly scarce autograph items set for sale this March, offering discerning collectors and investors a rare opportunity to own a piece of history direct from the pens of President John F. Kennedy, legendary Apple founder, Steve Jobs, Victor Hugo (Les Miserables), and General George Custer (“Custer’s Last Stand”). “We are pleased to be offering some of the most coveted autographs on the market today”, says…

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Mother and Son Duo Inspire Millions with their Rags to Riches Story

A mother and son duo from Houston, TX are inspiring millions with their rags-to-riches story. Dr. Ivanah Thomas and her son Keron Williams have gone viral on social media after opening up about the incredible journey they’ve been on together. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Houston, Texas Feb 28, 2023 ( – A mother and son duo from Houston, TX is inspiring millions with their rags-to-riches story. Dr. Ivanah Thomas and her son Keron Williams have gone viral on social media after opening up about the incredible journey they’ve been on together. Despite facing many…

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Dear Alcoholics: You Don’t Have to Live Like That. New Book Delivers Tips, Laughs and Hope

  New book is an inspiring must-read for anyone who is either suffering from alcoholism or knows someone who is.   (YorkPedia Editorial):- Cape Coral, Florida Feb 17, 2023 ( – If you’re going through hell, get the latest book by award-winning author Ryn Gargulinski. Entitled “How to Get Through Hell on Earth Without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome,” the book is already receiving favorable reviews – and lots of laughter. Book Review by Vincent Dublado for Readers’ Favorite It’s a long title but Ryn Gargulinski’s “How to Get Through…

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