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Austin McDaniel and Damian Miller Join Executive Team At CRFT

(YorkPedia Editorial):- San Francisco, May 6, 2020 ( – CRFT, Inc., a no-code security automation company, announced today that Austin McDaniel and Damian Miller have joined its Executive Team as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and the Chief Customer Officer (CCO), respectively. “I am extremely proud to have these two strong leaders come aboard,” said Anton Goncharov, CEO of CRFT. “Austin’s and Damian’s wealth of industry experience makes them an ideal fit for our organization, and I look forward to having them help grow CRFT into a world-class company.” About Austin McDaniel…

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Global award winning CTO and Co-Founder of the UK’s 1st Digital Bank, steps up as CTO of Queensland’s DayTek C

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Brisbane, May 6, 2020 ( – Paul Hanks, the former Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of the UK’s Atom bank has now stepped up as CTO of DayTek Capital, as the business gears up to launch ‘Infinity’, a unique, product disruptive, Australian bank. Paul has already been supporting the business as a Technology Advisor, for the past 5 months. Mr Hanks said of his new role, “These past 5 months have been fantastic. The DayTek team is incredibly experienced and credible, and I have really connected with them. What we…

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vCIOs color their way to sales and customer success

An innovative approach to asset lifecycle management (YorkPedia Editorial):- Dover, Apr 27, 2020 ( – Lifecycle Insights, a QBR reporting and assessment tool for managed service providers has taken an innovative (and colorful) approach to asset management and assessment analysis. Managed service providers (MSPs) frequently provide more than just IT support for their clients. They become strategic partners and work hand-in-hand with client leadership as their vCIO. They are responsible for protecting their clients bottom line by way of technology. It would be a rare industry that could be successful without stable…

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Put Your Hands On Metrics Provided By SEO Company In India For Gaining Credibility

With increasing competition, Indian businesses need SEO Marketing more than ever. Hence Brands need to hire SEO Company in India to meet their business objectives. (YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Apr 22, 2020 ( – Everybody is trying to aim for the top spot in digital platform hence it is tougher than you might imagine. In a populated country like India where thousands of companies are trying to achieve decent visibility on search engine results, it will be only wise to consult SEO Company in India who will provide the required sophisticated…

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BREAKING NEWS: Government Launches Billion-Pound Innovation Support Package

Chancellor Announces New £1.25B Fund to Boost Britain’s R&D Efforts (YorkPedia Editorial):- London, Apr 22, 2020 ( – Concerns about the long-term impact of COVID-19 on the economy have spurred the launch of a new fund to help UK companies innovate their way through the crisis. Britain is a world leader in innovation, and Chancellor Rishi Sunak is determined to make sure we don’t surrender that competitive advantage. He commented today:  “Our start-ups and businesses driving research and development are one of our great economic strengths, and will help power our growth…

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Dr. Chambers intends to vote WITHHOLD on the SVVC Board’s director nominees at the Annual Meeting

(YorkPedia Editorial):- New York City, Apr 20, 2020 ( – Don Chambers owns more than 1% of shares outstanding of Firsthand Value Technology Fund (NASDAQ: SVVC). Dr. Donald R. Chambers announced today that he intends to vote WITHHOLD on the Board’s director nominees at the Annual Meeting of Firsthand Value Technology Fund shareholders scheduled for May 13, 2020. Chambers urges all shareholders to vote FOR the non-binding Stockholder Proposal. Both director nominees are incumbents to the Board. The Board unanimously urged shareholders to vote against the following non-binding stockholder proposal(that was submitted…

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Digital Transformation Firm Launches with Online Service for Small Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

(YorkPedia Editorial):- District of Columbia, Apr 20, 2020 ( – Digalyne Consulting, LLC, a new digital transformation consultancy headquartered in the metro area of the nation’s capital, launches as the uncertainty of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to impact small businesses. Digalyne supports small business growth with digital strategy and introduces an affordable, online service for small businesses alongside its launch. “Now more than ever, small businesses and entrepreneurs are looking for adaptive solutions to be competitive and outlast the economic impact of the pandemic,” said Ajia Allen, Principal Consultant and Owner…

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StayAtHome: A New Mobile Application to Gamify Home Stay During Lockdown

(YorkPedia Editorial):- West Sussex, Apr 18, 2020 ( – Mobile software specialists, Metricell, have released a new mobile application designed to encourage people to stay at home during these times of restricted mobility. Around the world, we are unified by the objective to reduce infection levels and buy the time required to develop vaccines and reduce the pressure on healthcare systems. A third of the global population are currently under ‘lockdown’ measures mandating that as many people as possible remain in their homes for the good of us all. This free application,…

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OneCare Covid-19 Special Program, Bridging the Space Between People in Critical Time of Social Distancing, Fre

Revolutionary CareWatch Remote Mobile Connection Platform Empowers Health, Wellness and Confidence for the Wearer and Easily Allows Families, Caregivers and Employers to Embrace a Watchful Lifestyle. Special Offer Reduces the Space For Those Taking C (YorkPedia Editorial):- Indianapolis, Apr 17, 2020 ( – OneCare, Inc. is offering its CareWatch and Monthly Service free of charge to users for a period of eight weeks or as specified by CDC guidance for social distancing. “It’s critical for families and caregivers to have access to this social distancing solution during this time. It’s our way…

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The App that Helps Shut-ins Save Money During Covid19

(YorkPedia Editorial):- Ontario, Apr 17, 2020 ( – An app that was designed to track and alert consumers about their warranties has discovered that it can also track restaurant offers and their deliveries. Because of the “stay at home” mandates from Covid 19 the app allows the users to load their restaurant offers which are plentiful, free home deliveries and even pick up curb options. All of the restaurants, fast food to high end establishments are offering great savings to consumers so this app organizes the offers and alerts them to their…

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